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The six new features in CarPlay are not to be missed

The six new features in CarPlay are not to be missed

Many features came with iOS 17, and today we decided to return to those related to platform integration with CarPlay. Available on many different vehicles, this system includes most of the basic options of the iPhone but with a more refined design, for less driver distraction.

Here’s what you should remember.

1 – Support sharing with Apple Music

With iOS 17, all iPhone users installed in the car cabin can control the currently playing playlist via Apple Music on CarPlay (see image above). There’s no need for everyone to have a paid subscription to the streaming service: just one subscription is enough for the whole group.

As a reminder, Apple Music is available starting at €4.99 per month for the audio bundle.

2 – Find a place to charge your electric car

With this, Apple Maps now allows charging station availability to be displayed in real time on the on-board CarPlay screen. Here is the video result:

3- New messages

With the update to iOS 17, the interface for replying to received messages in CarPlay changes. Three shortcuts are available: one for replying, another for replaying content, and a third for calling the sender.

This is the result in pictures:

© Apple

4 – New wallpapers

New wallpapers are also available with CarPlay in iOS 17, and they can be accessed from Settings. These wallpapers adapt to the theme of the operating system, depending on whether it is dark or light.

© Apple Insider

5- Siri

Fifth, the most attentive people may have noticed that it is now possible to call up the CarPlay voice assistant without saying “Say SiriBut simply with this term.Siri“, Single.

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This change also affects other Apple devices: Mac, iPad, iPhone…

6- Offline maps

Finally, note that, as in iOS 17, CarPlay now lets you view maps offline. It is also possible that the platform will automatically offer to download it if you plan to go to a place with poor network coverage, but this still needs to be confirmed. – the official app

By: Cleops AG