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“The Revolution”: Gabrielle takes revenge for last season

“The Revolution”: Gabrielle takes revenge for last season

After being eliminated head-to-head with her friend Angelique last season, Gabrielle Bouchard quickly realized that she wanted to make a strong comeback in the tournament. revolution.

Her number, on Sunday evening, even made Jean-Marc Genereux say that she has an invaluable talent.

“It was important for me to come back,” she said. I wanted to end this chapter once and for all, and I also wanted to go further than last year. »

This season she decided to choreograph her numbers herself, and didn’t want to hire a coach to help her with her process. »

Gabrielle still maintains friendly relations with Angelique, who served as an outside perspective for this first issue, and Gabrielle is touched by the professors’ comments. “I think they realized that I am capable of doing a lot more than what they saw last year. I have grown, I have become more mature and I also have a lot of experience.”

after revolutionGabriel Bouchard has another dream, which is to join the Montreal Jazz Ballet. She now knows that nothing is impossible.

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