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The rediscovery of a small dragon thought to be lost

The rediscovery of a small dragon thought to be lost

The good news of the day comes from Australia, more precisely from the state of Victoria. The state’s environment minister, Ingrid Stitt, announced the rediscovery of a species of lizard that had not been seen in more than fifty years.

The prairie dragon, or Tympanocryptis pingucola, is a species of reptile. It has been considered extinct since 1969, when it was last seen. Measuring only fifteen centimeters, it had until then been in the plains west of Melbourne. Its habitat loss and increase in predators is significant Its population declines until it is considered completely extinct.

Zoos and Government in Regional Victoria, Since 2017, they have been actively searching for the little dragon. So this discovery is very good news for scientists: “This is a surprising discovery, which gives us an opportunity. Restore a species thought to be lost For our state and the world,” the minister said.

Many ways are implemented to save the species

All methods are good for finding other individuals of the species and starting a conservation plan. The location of already identified wild individuals is also kept confidential.. Victoria’s Department of Environment and the federal government have also indicated investment. 180,000 Australian dollars (about 110,000 euros) in this project.

Specifically, detection dogs will be trained Find other small lizards of this species. “The extraordinary rediscovery of this endangered lizard is encouraging Hope for the recovery of this Victorian breedDr Jenny Gray, chief executive of Zoo Victoria, says:

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