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The radio signal astonishes scientists, who have difficulty explaining it

The radio signal astonishes scientists, who have difficulty explaining it

Provided you have the right equipment, it is always possible to perceive signals coming from them space. Astronomers are particularly familiar with fast radio bursts, also called FRBs, which stands for “fast radio bursts.” The first of them was caught in 2007. But the surprise of the FRB type is unknown Scientists This year, I say Futurism.

His discovery was the subject of a Stady Published in the specialized magazine Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Experts trying to understand these signals sent from the far reaches of space were able to capture this signal, called FRB 20220912A, using a network of 42 telescopes located in North America. They explained In a press release “I’ve never seen” such fast radio bursts.

A series of pulses that amaze

It’s actually a series of 35 bursts captured over a period of two months and coming from a single source. This last aspect is quite different from what was observed in the context of the previous motives, which ended up repeating themselves. However, FRB 20220912A is characterized by a low center frequency.

Astronomers can only speculate about the causes of these mysterious fast radio bursts and continue to analyze them as they reach us. As for the reasons that explain the phenomenon of fast radio bursts, scientists have estimated that they may be the remains of a highly magnetized star that underwent gravitational collapse. It can then emit these radio waves, like a cosmic beacon.