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The new release shows its bravery with new trailers (and we can't wait)

The new release shows its bravery with new trailers (and we can’t wait)

EA Motive showed gameplay to remake it dead space. And the return of Isaac Clark promises to be brutal.

The challenging mission that Electronic Arts has embarked upon: Resurrect Isaac Clarke, the hero of the trilogy dead spaceone of the most silent characters in video games (at least in his first adventure), after the pitfalls, not to mention the obnoxious shipwrecks, dead space 2 And the dead space 3.

After the industrial disaster DS3Although fans of cosmic horror were chomping at the thought of returning to fear in the dark and damp corridors of a sunken space station, it was hard to imagine how EA could raise the bar for a premise. dead space 4. dead space 2 And the 3 It has caused a lot of damage to traditions dead spacegreatly distorted the subject of suffocation and painful DS1 To be able to continue this new line of business 100%. So it seems that the only viable solution is to restart or reproduce.

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Official announcement of a new edition of dead space The first of the name in July 2021 made people happy, which is an understatement. EA entrusted the project to studio EA Motive (Star Wars Battlefront 2, Star Wars: Squadrons), with the aim of being as faithful as possible to the original material, while introducing it into an undeniable novelty. After the first images that showed off EA Motive’s technical ambitions (to make a game as great as it is horrific, designing it as a long sequential shot), the developers took the word for a livestream, revealing the scale of the game. The mission of this project.

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In addition to graphical improvements, a Tremendous work is being done on the sound environment of the title, and the adaptive responses of the player’s avatar to changes in its environment. The first gameplay video below shows the accuracy of the new game DS1and how USG Ishimura looks more terrifying than ever with his creepy art direction and chiaroscuro light effects.

One of the greatest novelties in this new version will be the system called ALIVE: Adrenalin (adrenaline), limbic system response (limbic system response), intelligent dialogue (intelligent dialogue), vital signs (vital signs), and efforts (efforts). This system refers to the fact that Isaac Clark will have Responses and behaviors that adapt to stimuli in their environment in real time.

The hero’s breathing rhythm, his heart rate, his lines of dialogue, all of this will evolve according to the given situations, for greater credibility, and always stronger immersion. The stated purpose of the developers is clear: Make the experience dead space scarierwhich enhances the identification process between the player and the avatar.

The big unknown around Dead Space Remake The date of its release remained, and on what media the game will be available. Electronic Arts teams mentioned a window for Available in the first quarter of 2023. The title will only be marketed on Xbox Series X consoles | S and PlayStation 5 of the next generation, as well as on PC, in order to avoid any fee reduction that might affect the quality of the final product.