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The Love of Science – Les Cahiers du Football |

The Love of Science – Les Cahiers du Football |


As if we were going back three years, when we threw here excerpts from the book Who Knows What Justifies Everything and Its Opposite.

So I discovered a link to an article in the only headline and readable summary, with no idea of ​​the work being done, without any reference to any protocol.

But – and such is the genius of these scholars on the spur of the moment – these three lines suffice to assure you that this is not quackery. Guess what: it’s quackery.

As a reminder, some facts about biodynamics:

Plants should be sprayed with “dynamic” water, a homeopathic practice known to be quackery

– It is also advisable to mix a very small amount of dung left in the cow’s horn underground all winter with fertilizer, to “charge” it with energy. What does “shipping” mean? what energy?

– Moreover, some actions can only be performed when the moon is rising, others when it is descending, or even when it passes in front of some zodiac – thus a reference to astrology, another trick known as such.

– And it is also necessary – in all this soup – not to forget… the Christian calendar, and yes, this story lacked a few miracles.

I’ve read the very rare scientific papers waved off by Steiner cultists (another important aspect of all these pseudoscientific excesses) that would acknowledge the influence of biodynamics on wine. They are all (without exception) bad empirically and misleading in their conclusions. You’re wrong, one of my best friends runs a company that characterizes aromatic compounds in wine – and his opinion of this deception matters less than mine.

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But beware, I am willing to admit that incubating the wort with cow dung will have an effect on said wort. I’ll let you drink it.

The overarching concern of all those “look at this paper showing that dancing naked on one foot when Jupiter is in its blue energy phase allows wine to charge the cosmic elements” is the slow, harmful erosion of science in favor of self. – convinced pins.

It’s even more grueling to take only part of the process. I mean the idea that we could cut all the hallucinations and wishful thinking out of the process and just keep the so-called wine improvement. To take a little means to guarantee everything.

Working organically and biodynamically are two different things.
The first is a logical approach, and the second is pure quackery.