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The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote to choose its speaker on Tuesday

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote to choose its speaker on Tuesday

(Washington) – The US House of Representatives, which has been paralyzed for about two weeks due to disagreements among Republicans, will vote on Tuesday to elect its new speaker, according to a memorandum distributed to elected officials on Sunday.

Congress consists of two chambers: one, the Senate, is won by Democrats led by Joe Biden, but the other, the House of Representatives, is in the hands of Republicans, which is witnessing unprecedented chaos.

The vast majority of the powers of this institution were suspended due to the sudden dismissal of “Speaker of Parliament” Kevin McCarthy on October 3, a victim of divisions between moderates and Trump supporters in the Republican Party.

The Conservatives have since been unable to agree on his successor. After a week of high tension, marked by many twists and turns, Ohio elected official Jim Jordan, who is very close to Donald Trump, is currently the only Republican candidate in the race.

But as it stands, he does not have enough support from his peers to rise to the top.

However, the vote was announced at 12pm (2pm ET) on Tuesday. Its results are more than uncertain.

“It’s time to act,” Jim Jordan said on Channel X, urging his colleagues to bury the hatchet and rally around his candidacy.

The surprise attack launched by Hamas on Israel has increased the pressure, with the House of Representatives currently unable to pass any aid to its historic ally.

Joe Biden’s Democratic Party represents a minority in the House of Representatives and is therefore essentially a bystander to the messy negotiations in Congress.

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Unless there is a sudden alliance with moderate Republicans, which could put an end to this unprecedented situation.