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The heat wave raises fears of devastating wildfires

The heat wave raises fears of devastating wildfires

This spring heat wave in the east of the country follows the warmest winter on record since records began in 1910.



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The Sydney Harbor Bridge is engulfed in smoke from a containment fire on September 13, 2023.  (Steve Christo/AFP)

Australia fears the worst. Australia’s east coast recorded record high temperatures on Tuesday 19 September with hot winds, bringing back memories of the devastating bushfires of the 2019-2020 summer. In parts of New South Wales, temperatures reached 34°C, 10°C above the Australian spring average. “Due to strong winds there is a severe fire risk in the area this afternoon”The New South Wales Rural Fire Brigade said.

Since records began in 1910, a spring heat wave in eastern Australia has followed the warmest winter on record. Experts expect Australia’s fire season to become more intense from the summer of 2019-2020. In recent years, conditions have been unusually wet, which has helped trees grow faster, increasing the amount of fossil fuels.

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