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Alessandro Diamond, the end of life under the Australian sun

Alessandro Diamond, the end of life under the Australian sun

Today is May 2, 2021. Former Assuro International Birthday: Alessandro Diamanthi. Currently in Euro 2012 National, Diamanthi has disappeared from the radar in recent seasons, but he still plays football. Today, at the age of 38, the slender left-leg winger was the victim of a bomb blast in Australia. The end of life on the other side of the world Calciomio Makes you find yourself.

Diamond, footballer and traveler

Winger began his career in the 1999-2000 season, in Prato, at the fourth professional level. He has worn the colors of fifteen clubs in his 19-year career Before the kangaroo settled on land. There he discovered the fourth country and the third continent on his global voyage. For the first time since his adventure in Bologna, between 2011 and February 2014, Diamond lived in a club for more than a season.

The club is Western United FC, based in Melbourne, a large city on the border of the Pacific Ocean in southeastern Australia. A celestial body to the winger who knew almost every corner of the boot went twice through London and through the pollution of the Chinese port of Guangzhou. After these experiences, Diamanthi thrived in Oceania, according to Sky Sports: “ Today I feel so much better. In the head, physically. “

Best Player of the Year for his first season

When Diamanti agreed to join Western United, the club joined Australia’s premier division, the A-League. He joined a new team, but found an attractive championship: ” Football is organized and disciplined […]. It is physical and fast As he told the Derby Derby site. On the other hand, he regrets that this is a closed league, ” The threat of disruption will provide an advantage for all clubs during the season. »

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Arbond in hand, established as a playmaker, Diamond, whose man has grown much less than his time National, Performs with his club. Seven goals, seven assists and a fifth place allowing Western United to play in the playoffs. Unfortunately, Melbourne City, a rival owned by the same owner of Manchester City, eliminates the Italian team, comforting themselves by winning the award for best player of the season: the Johnny Warren medal.

Improving the A-League

Former Bologna and Piorentina winger are delighted to be involved in the development of his club: In the field, there is a smile on my lips. But don’t be fooled. I am so demanding with my team players, staff and club. I do it because I know you have to be successful. “Actually, his teammates are mostly locals, they don’t know European Gratin except Victor Sanchez. He has played over two hundred games against Germany with Espanyol or Bezart Perisha. .Don’t forget: ” We want to be the most boring team possible. Do you know why? Teams that win trophies are “boring”, pretty never win“Although this order does not allow blacks and Greens to go to the end, Diamond wants to end his life with a trophy, the only line in his record, the title of champion of China.

However, this season Diamond has been very erratic and despite seven assists he has not found the net. His team is sixth in the championship, on the way to the play-offs. At 38, Diamanthi doesn’t seem to want to hang out right now because she told ” I want to have more fun and dream. […] Before games, I still feel butterflies in my stomach like I was a boy, maybe that’s my secret. So this interest seems to be the same for Diamond, which is Australia’s delight.

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