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The first total solar eclipse in half a century

The first total solar eclipse in half a century

Astronomy. On April 8, after a drought of more than 50 years, a total solar eclipse will occur, and part of Quebec will be plunged into darkness for a few minutes. Let's hope Mother Nature cooperates during this historic event.

The eclipse will begin shortly after two in the afternoon.

The path of the eclipse that will cross Quebec. (Photo:

Only around 3:28 p.m. will the moon's shadow cover a very specific corridor in Quebec and Drummondville will be deprived of sunlight for about two minutes. In a little more than an hour, the sun will reappear in the sky, and the moon will have finished its game of hide and seek.

It is undoubtedly a natural phenomenon that should not be missed. Despite some partial eclipses that will occur over the next few years, we will have to wait until 2106, that is, more than 80 years, to live the same scenario in Quebec.

Where and how to view the eclipse?

Drummondville is located on the edge of the total eclipse, while the city of Megantic with its observatory is located in the heart of the dark band that will cross Quebec. It is therefore advisable to move somewhat towards the south, as in the municipalities of L'Avenir and Olverton, to enjoy the scene as much as possible.

It is necessary to buy glasses to observe the solar eclipse on April 8, around 2 p.m. (Photo; photo deposit)

The Canadian Association of Optometrists has compiled a list of tips for observing the eclipse safely.

You should protect your eyes at all times with solar eclipse glasses conforming to the international standard ISO 12312-2. Glasses must not be damaged or scratched. Sunglasses, even the most obscure ones, don't provide adequate protection.

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People who don't have solar eclipse glasses can see it Make a projector. It is important to focus only on the screen and not on the sun. Never look at the sun through the hole in the paper.

Staring into the sun without protection may damage the retina. This damage, which can occur without any pain, is temporary in some people and permanent in others.

If eye or vision problems appear after the eclipse, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist without delay.

And in Drummondville, L'Express noted, it's possible to get certified eyeglasses from a Canadian frame shop.

See to see photos of this historical phenomenon.