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New record speed of 301 Tbps on a single fiber!

New record speed of 301 Tbps on a single fiber!

The researchers were able to achieve a throughput of 301 terabits per second over a single standard optical fiber. This feat can significantly increase the capacity of existing optical networks at a lower cost.

An international team of researchers From the United Kingdomfrom the United States and Japan, has just created a new record SpeedSpeed For optical fiber. Using a single optical fiber, scientists were able to achieve an amazing speed of 301 terabits per second (Tbps). This is 301,000 times the maximum gigabit network port on most computers.

Those who follow the news may be surprised by this record. Since last December, a Japanese team has set a new, much higher record, reaching 22.9 petabit per second (Pbps), or 22,900 terabytes per second. However, this feat was achieved using a proprietary cable containing 38 cores and equipment that is impossible to integrate into today's networks. This new record of 301 terabits per second, which is less impressive but just as impressive, was achieved using standard fiber optics, such as those used for home communication.

A technology that can be integrated into existing optical networks

The researchers achieved this productivity by relying on tapes WavelengthsWavelengths E and S optics, usually underutilized. Conventional systems use the C and L bands, and optical wavelengths from 1530 to 1625 nmnm. With these two new bands, the usable wavelength starts at 1360nm. This requires the design of new amplifiers and optical gain equalizers.

This advance represents an affordable way to dramatically increase the number of people BandwidthBandwidth Existing optical networks, avoiding replacing already installed fiber. The researchers presented their work at the European Conference on Optical Communications (Ecoc) and published details of their research in the journal Optics Letters.