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The end of the technology partnership between UNI and Desjardins is felt in Member Services

The end of the technology partnership between UNI and Desjardins is felt in Member Services

Final preparations aimed at finalizing the technology partnership between UNI Financial Cooperation and the Desjardins Group are underway with a view to the official separation in July.

UNI Financial Cooperation announced at its annual general meeting in March that it would terminate its service agreement with the Desjardins Group.

This action will mean that UNI will no longer be linked to the AccèsD online banking system.

Since April, the financial institution has sent several letters to its members explaining the impact of these changes.

Gilles Lanteigne, chief operating officer and general manager of Acadie Vie, explains that support groups have been dispatched to facilitate the transition.

“People will soon get a new debit card and a new PIN that they must keep until the changes take effect, which is around July 7. They can then activate their card by going to any store that has a point-of-sale terminal, inserting it and calling the new PIN to activate it.” explains Monsieur Lantien.

The new debit card will have a new functionality for making online purchases.

New portal

Those accustomed to online banking will also receive a letter with instructions on how to log into My Profile, the new digital UNI platform.

“There will be an access code for registration and customers will be able to access their transactions online from July 10,” he said.

Holders of the Visa-Desjardins credit card issued by UNI will have already noticed that it is no longer possible to check the status of their accounts on AccèsD since June 11th. Once the end of the partnership between the two financial institutions is formalized, these people will have to go through the Visa-Desjardins website to check their balance.

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For the time being, UNI will remain a partner of the Desjardins credit card service.

“For members with a credit card who have used virtual account statements, they will receive another access token that will allow them to go to the Desjardins site,” says Gilles Lanteigne. The fact that we have two independent systems means that we will not be able to integrate the Visas-Desjardins balance into the new UNI site, which is annoying.

Update counters

UNI is also updating the software of about 80 ATMs spread across the county.

“It is impossible to have enough technicians to make all the changes at once, so this work started about a month and a half ago, and we are gradually progressing. Desjardins counters remain until the time of the move in order to fully service our customers,” says Gilles Lantegen.

Mr. Lanteigne invites all UNI Financial Cooperation members to call their fund if they need help with the transition.

“I really encourage people to check their mail so they fully understand the changes coming and feel free to contact us if they have any questions. Our teams are ready to support them, they can go straight to checkout and our staff have all had training on the changes in order to manage them properly.”