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The common front: “A show that the government is serious,” believes Sonia Lebel

The common front: “A show that the government is serious,” believes Sonia Lebel

The Treasury Board president defended her overall offer of about 15% to the Common Front, denouncing the “quick” reaction from union leaders on Sunday.

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In an interview with TVA Nouvelles 12h, Sonia Lebel stressed that adding new sums to the 420,000 members of four large trade union organizations is “not a trivial matter.”

“I am somewhat surprised by the quick and strict reaction from the unions,” she stressed, adding that her offer was “serious.”

“We talk about salary benchmarks of 9% to 10.3%, frequently, so we’re adding the first year of the agreement […] These amounts have an impact on the pockets of all state employees, and we are talking about 15% in total. “I think this offer shows the government’s seriousness in its desire to discuss these negotiations.”

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On the LCN website, the politician emphasizes that her improved offer requires a great deal of analysis on the part of the unions, considering that its media dissemination is “rapid.”

The Joint Front described the deposit as “ridiculous” in a press conference, explaining that the supply did not keep pace with expected inflation.

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“I’m very surprised at how quickly an increase of almost 2%, almost $1 billion, was ignored,” she said.

In response to a question about the FTQ president’s statements, the politician stressed that she is not “separated from the population.”

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FIQ, which is not part of the Common Front, also expressed its disappointment with Quebec’s offer.

More than 420,000 members of the Joint Front union are scheduled to participate in the strike on November 6.

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