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The best suspense film of the last twenty years |  Roxanne Bouchard is in the running

The best suspense film of the last twenty years | Roxanne Bouchard is in the running

Novelist Roxanne Bouchard, author of a series of suspense novels set in Gaspésie, has been selected for a list aiming to identify the best detective novel of the past 20 years. The winning work will be determined by an online popular vote.

This competition, which aims to crown the Queen or King of crime fiction at the turn of the millennium, is an initiative of the literary platform Babelio and the Quais du Polar, an exhibition of detective literature whose next exhibition will be held in Lyon, France, during the month of July. 'April.

Roxanne Bouchard is nominated for an award We were sea salt, his first detective novel in which detective Joaquin Morales participated. “I'm not going to tell you who to vote for… I'm just going to tell you We were sea salt “On the list,” she wrote on her Facebook page Tuesday, in all caps and with lots of exclamation marks.

The Lanaudiere-based novelist – who also teaches at Ségep de Joliette – is enjoying great success in Europe. Last December, his book Coral bridethe second investigation by Joaquin Morales, was selected among the 20 best thrillers and dark novels by the magazine Telerama.

There will be strong competition for the title of the best detective novel of the last twenty years: Roxane Bouchard is competing with very big stars in the genre. Titles by Stephen King, Dennis Lehane, James Ellroy, and Fred Vargas, and the first book in the series Millennium Written by Stieg Larsson also appears in this long list.

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However, Quebecoise is little known in this network: We were sea salt It just won the Quais du Polar Readers' Award last year.