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The beginning of the end of walkism?

The beginning of the end of walkism?

Have we reached the end of our waking adventure?

Have we reached the bottom of stupidity?

Are we ready to return to the surface and regain our sanity?

This is what we ask ourselves when we watch the news. More and more people are daring to go out of line to denounce the delusions of the radical left.

“Waste of money!”

After banning the prescription of puberty blockers to minors, England (which until then had been one of the countries where the largest number of minors changed gender) toyed with the idea of ​​consigning the popular EDI (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion) programs to the trash.

For those who don't know, these programs used in many political and corporate institutions aim to combat “systemic racism” by implementing “affirmative” discriminatory measures and making white people “aware of the racial biases transmitted by their culture.”

In short, re-education workshops led by activists masquerading as “experts.”

Government and business should scrap EDI schemes because they are a shameful waste of money and completely ineffective, says a report commissioned by UK Women and Equalities Secretary Kemi Badenoch.

Instead of improving “living together,” they divide communities and create resentment by favoring certain communities over others in job offers.

Small cases completed!

And that's exactly what American host Bill Maher said last week.

On his offer at present, On HBO, Maher (a Democrat who, like Jon Stewart, regularly enjoys attacking people he finds ridiculous like Trump supporters) launched into a long tirade against identity politics.

“It is time for the Democratic Party to abandon these counterproductive policies that divide the population into small segments,” he said. We must focus on what unites us, not what divides us!

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Gone are the days when you could put every American citizen in a little box, Maher says. Today people are mingling.

There are more and more mixed marriages and people with multiple origins.

“We're obsessed with race,” says comedian Idris Elba. This obsession hinders individuals' aspirations.

“I'm tired of being called African-American,” actress Raven-Symoné told Oprah Winfrey. I'm an American, period. I don't know which country in Africa I trace my origins from. My roots are in Louisiana.”

“The best way to end racism is to stop talking about it,” says actor Morgan Freeman. “I'll stop saying you're a white man, and you'll stop saying I'm a black man.”

In the United States, Maher says, more and more so-called “racist” figures are demanding that the state stop asking people's race in censuses.

In short, what the welfare state should do is help disadvantaged citizens, regardless of their race, origin or religion.

Between the black surgeon and the white worker, we must help the worker.

Could this finally be the beginning of the end?

Fingers crossed…