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The animals will also be closely monitored

The animals will also be closely monitored

Monday's eclipse doesn't just worry parents and teachers. Moncton Zoo officials will also be closely monitoring their animals during this potentially dangerous event.

Director Jill Marvin and her staff will be on alert throughout the afternoon carefully monitoring the behavior of the different species of animals that live at the Magnetic Coast Zoo.

“We gathered a lot of information by talking to many of our colleagues from other zoos,” she confirms.

“We will monitor them closely to ensure their safety and well-being. The keepers will make a final decision on Monday on what to do based on the temperature and behavior of the animals.

Guardians will encourage most animals to retreat to their shelter earlier than usual until they find themselves in a controlled climate and environment.

“For those who decide to stay outside, we will monitor them and intervene if we feel the need. “We want them all to be safe during the eclipse,” says the director.

The zoo will also close early to ensure the safety of staff and visitors.

“The site does not have appropriate and safe lighting that adapts to fluctuations in light and sunlight. Additionally, our employees want to be with their families to witness this unique natural event.

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