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The 10 richest politicians in Washington have a net worth of $12.5 billion

The 10 richest politicians in Washington have a net worth of $12.5 billion

Financial magazine Finnbold revealed earlier this week that the richest politicians in the United States share a fortune estimated at $9.02 billion US dollars (about $12.5 billion Canadian dollars).

According to this ranking, seven of the politicians in the top 10 list are Republicans, including real estate mogul and former President Donald Trump, who ranks second with an estimated fortune of about US$2 billion (CAD 2.7 billion).

However, it is Illinois’ Democratic Governor, JB Pritzker, who sits at the top of the pyramid with assets estimated at US$3.4 billion (about US$4.6 billion CAD).

It must be said that the differences within this list are enormous. The politician in 10th place, Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner, actually has just $215 million, 16 times less than Mr. Pritzker.

Top 10 richest American politicians in US dollars:

1- J.B. Pritzker, Governor of Illinois, Democrat: $3.4 billion

2- Donald Trump, 45th President, Republican: $2 billion

3- Doug Burgum, Governor of North Dakota, Republican: $1.1 billion

4- Darrell Issa, Congressional Representative for California’s 48th District, Republican: $0.46 billion

5- Jim Justice, Governor of West Virginia, Republican: 0.45 billion

6- Jared Polis, Colorado Governor, Democrat: 0.4 billion

7- Glenn Youngkin, Republican Governor of Virginia: 0.4 billion

8- Mitt Romney, Senator from Utah, Republican: 0.3 billion

9- Rick Scott, Florida Senator, Republican: 0.3 billion

10- Mark Warner, Senator from Virginia, Democrat: 0.215 billion

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