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Thanks to ChatGPT, a man won 100 free meals at McDonald's

Thanks to ChatGPT, a man won 100 free meals at McDonald's

UA clever little boy. In the United Kingdom, a British man managed to get 100 free meals at McDonald's from January to November 2023. How? Thanks to ChatGPT artificial intelligence. It was his turn to collect receipts left on tables by customers. Each time these precious pieces of paper contain a unique code that allows you to open a satisfaction survey about your experience at a fast food restaurant. BFMTV reports.

This is not enough for the young man to get compensation, i.e. a free sandwich, through artificial intelligence, detailed and persuasive complaints. In his podcast broadcast on YouTube, Britton brags about the disappointment, which he reiterated on several occasions.

“I wish I had free menus”

“You should write the following request: “You write me a text [ChatGPT, ndlr] Describe a terrible experience ordering a sandwich. It should be less than 1,200 characters,” explains the podcast host. ChatGPT to play and write a bad review.

Read more Should we be polite to artificial intelligence?The young Briton is still unmasked by his local McDonald's. “They are [ceux qui travaillent pour le fast-food, ndlr] Know me and will not give me anything. The restaurant has posted posters encouraging customers to post positive reviews. I don’t want to harm them but have free menus,” he assures.

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