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Tennis: Jannik Sinner, confirmation and already a favorite in Australia?

Tennis: Jannik Sinner, confirmation and already a favorite in Australia?


Tennis: Jannik Sinner, confirmation and already a favorite in Australia?

Published on December 5, 2023 at 4:50 pm.

A Masters in Sports Journalism, I fell in love with the game of tennis from a young age and always loved reading great stories about the sport. Today, I want to tell them about them, take full advantage of my passion and stay as close as possible to the cards of the rounds.

As a new great in tennis, Janic Sinner took on a certain dimension in 2023. By breaking a few glass ceilings, the 22-year-old Italian has managed to make a serious move into the top 4 of the ATP rankings. And lofty ambitions. As a finalist at the Masters, Novak finished the year with a bang, defeating Djokovic twice, a performance enough to count him among the early favorites at the next Australian Open (January 14-28, 2024).

He could be the face of this end of the season tour ATP. He was eliminated in the 16th roundUS Open By Alexander Zverev, Janic Sinner then lost only two matches. is titled Beijing And Vienna Rejected every time Daniel Medvedev In the final, he lost Percy Get in better shape Masters in his house Turin. Building success Djokovic In the group stage, the Italian could really hope for a title. He had to wait a week to catch up Davis Cup.

Confirmed year

After enjoying recent successful months, Jannik Pavi It is known that changing the dominance of Novak DjokovicHe still has to achieve the feat in 2024. So the Italian spoke about the matter in a small ceremony. “2024 should be my confirmed year. It’s an honor to have the pressure on you, but I have to take it with a smile. I had a great end to the season and winning the Davis Cup gave me a lot of emotions. We do not yet realize the importance of this victory to the Italians. As important as these months of 2023 are to start next year on a positive note. It will be an emotional new year. Says World No. 4.

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Danger from Australia?

As one tennis season seems longer and longer, the next one is already coming. The holidays don’t last long as players start competing for titles at the end of December. Janic Sinner, He doesn’t plan before playing a matchAustralian Open Circuit. The Italian will undoubtedly prepare first Grand Slam Of the year trying to hit a big entry shot. Time will pass quickly, and he will carry out the same preparation as the players around him in the rankings. Novak Djokovic Who will compete? United Cup Entry.

A new dimension

By becoming the new star of Italian tennis and conquering his audience Masters Then inside Davis Cup, Jannik Pavi has entered a new dimension which makes him one of the players to follow in every outing. With the emotions experienced in recent weeks, he has certainly passed a new milestone in his head, after all, he has shown himself to be a solid bulwark against dominance. Novak Djokovic. The clash between the two in Australia will be full of twists and turns.