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Techno Spark 9 Pro

Techno Spark 9 to take crazy selfies!

Over the years, selfies have become an important point in choosing a new smartphone. Selfies have become a habit and social networking has taken it to another level. Young people want to express their artistic inclinations in the best conditions, and mobile cameras have taken a huge step forward. Cell phones are now real cameras to carry everywhere in your pockets.

The Spark 9 Pro has a 32MP front camera. This image has been optimized and calibrated to deliver clearer images with more light. The sensor has a large aperture that allows it to receive more light for clearer images even in low light conditions. You will not be afraid of the dark anymore, Spark 9 Pro will be able to bring out your best profile with each of your selfies. The phone will capture every slight stream of light. The artificial intelligence built into the Spark 9 Pro comes to enhance your photos and videos. The mobile is able to recognize different scenes and thus adjusts the settings according to your environment.

Then AI allows the images to get better color saturation. The phone also offers an HDR mode that improves the camera’s capabilities in managing light intensity. Pictures are beautiful with excellent dynamic range management. The gap between darker and lighter points is better managed. A bokeh mode is also included, with background blurring to keep the focus on the subject of the photo. The phone also offers a new video mode in bokeh mode. The Spark 9 Pro sensor focuses on the main subject and distorts the background. Spark 9 Pro uses the screen as a flash for your selfies. In less lit areas, it allows for a larger lighting surface for a more comprehensive effect.

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The Spark 9 Pro also has a beauty mode. This mode provides better AI-assisted display. It not only allows you to enjoy simple adjustments, but also makes your selfies more natural. The wide selfie mode allows it to take pictures with a wider plan so you don’t lose your friends. With the new Spark 9 Pro, aim and shoot, mobile will do the rest.