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Taste the first Canadian pizza to go into space

Taste the first Canadian pizza to go into space

Yes Yes! You read correctly. The first Canadian pizza made by Pizza Napoletana will take a long journey into space aboard a Space Concordia rocket. While we were living Eclipse of the century at the beginning of AprilIt goes without saying that we're all fascinated with the universe a little more now.

This popular Montreal restaurant, which has been in business since 1948, has chosen to partner with Space Concordia, Concordia University's student space program, to help them fund a project aimed at sending a rocket into space. A small party will sit comfortably in the intergalactic vehicle.

This famous pizza, which will go extraterrestrial (literally) in the summer of 2024, was created especially for this historic event.

By ordering “Rocket Pizza”, you will have the opportunity to taste this unusual creation before its fantastic space flight.

Pizza Rocket from Pizza Napoletana Offered exclusively on SkipTheDishes.

The Rocket Pizza is $28 and is topped with mozzarella, potatoes, caramelized onions, Italian sausage and olive oil, with a touch of pecorino and pepper flakes. Apparently, a sensory experience on a cosmic level is guaranteed!

Napolitana pizza

189 Dante Street, Montreal

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