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Suspension Services at SAAQ | Guilbault argues that it is an “unpleasant” but necessary exercise

Suspension of a large part of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) services is certainly an “unpleasant” but necessary exercise, invokes Transportation Minister Genevieve Guilbeault, noting that the operation will make it possible to put an end to queues.

“We understand that it can be annoying, but it is a must. The situation must be restored by February 20. The SAAQ must take this detour in order to provide better services, such as finally putting an end to the endless lines at the branches,” the minister replied. on Tuesday, by the press attache company, Louis-Julien Dufresne.

Claiming to be “in regular contact” with the SAAQ to ensure the impact was “minimised”, M.JI Guilbault recalls that between now and February 20, some essential services will still be available in order to transition to the new SAAQClic system. Among them: checking the validity of the license, replacing a lost or stolen license, replacing a foreign license, checking road vehicle conformity, booking practical driving tests, and paying license renewal or registration fees.

For its part, the SAAQ specified on Tuesday that it has a “transition plan that includes approximately 15,000 steps.” “We follow this plan to the letter. The plan is followed and implemented by nearly 400 people, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every step is timed and everyone has to sign off when the step is done. Everything is going well so far, we On schedule. As of January 30 at 4 p.m., there have been nearly 2,000 stages completed,” spokeswoman Anne-Marie Dassault-Turcotte detailed.

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This reminds us that “every stage is not the same length”. “For example, transferring our customers’ photos in exchange for transferring data. We have tested the plan twice in the last few months to prepare,” insists M.I Turcotte.

noticeable grumble

On social networks, many people have lamented in recent days that they have encountered services that are “too busy” to take any action. Others lamented that the transitional period was so long, even seeing it as “a sign of the incompetence of the new system to be implemented.” One reader also reports having a power of attorney on hand for the purchase of a snowmobile, which will expire before the end of the transition period. However, this prevents him from moving on.

At SAAQ, we claim to have “analyzed all options”. “If it was possible not to do this, we would have done it. The aging of our systems means that we cannot do parallelism,” the speaker continues.

Remember, this transfer is the first test for Quebec City. The new SAAQ platform will be integrated into the government documentation service, which the government wants to implement gradually over the next few years to allow users to interact with all departments in the same place, in a secure way.

Ultimately, this service should replace clicSÉQUR. The Legault government plans to integrate several other ministerial bodies into it in 2023. In other words, other transformations will inevitably occur this year.

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  • 15.08
    On Monday, the average wait time was 15.08 minutes on the phone, says the SAAQ, which honors the “25-minute target under the performance agreement.” The organization also says it does not see “significant influx” at its points of service. As of Tuesday, 39 complaints have been received regarding the system transition.