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‘It’s not a contract,’ Ottawa says of 81-year deal with McKinsey.

It’s not a contract. It is more than a supply arrangementsaid Chancellor of the Treasury Council Mona Fortier during question period in the House of Commons.

claimed itThere is no monetary agreement Ottawa is bound by this advisory firm as part of this arrangement.

It’s more than a preselection. […] It is a long-standing practice that saves the government money and time. »

Quote from Mona Fortier, Chair of the Treasury Board

She indicated that Hundreds of suppliers I entered into the same kind of arrangement with the government.


In a written statement to Radio Canada, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) states thisIt is not a contract. Rather, it is a notice that McKinsey & Company has qualified to become a supplier under the supply arrangement. This choice does not guarantee him attribution of authorization. A value of zero ($0) also indicates that the supply arrangement is neither a contract nor a guarantee [pas] Waiver of authorization. To get one, the company would have to submit a bid.

And to add: The indicated date is the expiration date of the Arrangement of Supply. The year 2100 is commonly used for these types of arrangements because it helps prevent our computer system from inadvertently ending the supply arrangement.

In the evening, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Supply, Anthony Hausfather, explained that the arrangement would not necessarily last 81 years.

The duration of the supply arrangement from the date it was granted runs through December 31, 2100 or until Canada elects to issue a new petition or determines that it is no longer necessary.wrote on Twitter.

He noted that this same term was referred to by Ottawa in the case of All suppliers We take arrangements.

[Cela] It does not impose any obligation on the government to purchase goods or servicesMr. Housefather argued.

On Monday, Bloc-Quebec Rep. Julie Vignola A open contract more than 81 years by asking one of the first witnesses heard in the course of the Parliamentary inquiry into contracts awarded to McKinsey by Ottawa.

I asked Amanda Clark, an associate professor in Carleton University’s School of Public Policy and Management, what, in her opinion, justified a deal extended for so long.

At some point, in my 81 years, I can’t believe we weren’t able to get specialists [à l’interne]suspended.

Mrs. Clarke replied that the idea of ​​this necklace had appeared to her scandal. Grant notice for a duration The ones mentioned by Ms. Vignola are available online.

Treasury Board President Mona Fortier

Photo: The Canadian Press/Adrian Wilde

under the heading Contract award The notice in which one can read appears that this Agreement is entered into for Professional Computer Services. next to the sign Total contract value The sum total is 0 dollars.

Our government will continue to maintain the highest standards of openness, transparency and fiscal accountability.concluded Mrs. Fortier.

The parliamentary investigation continues

The explanation given by the President of the Treasury Board does not seem to convince Bloc-Quebec MP Jean-Denis Garon.

No matter what party rules here, no matter what voters choose, McKinsey will still be here. [en 2100] By contract or under arrangement – as the Minister says – without any specific authorization. Is this what we want in democracy? »

Quote from Jean-Denis Garonne, member of the Quebec Bloc

The parliamentary inquiry into contracts awarded to McKinsey, led by the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates, will continue in the coming days. On Wednesday, the former head of this company, Dominic Barton, will appear.

over the past few weeks, Ottawa’s huge expenditures in this regard were exposed, notably by Radio Canada. That money is $116.8 million since 2015, according to Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Contract data is freeze frame and subject to changehas explained PSPC In a written statement last week.

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