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Stunning images of 19 spiral galaxies revealed by the James Webb Telescope

Stunning images of 19 spiral galaxies revealed by the James Webb Telescope

The James Webb Telescope never ceases to amaze us. After recently revealing pictures of the Crab Nebula or sand storms sweeping the planet Barbabas, NASA published, at the end of last January, dazzling pictures of 19 spiral galaxies. As shown CNNThese observations were made as part of the VANGS (High-Angle Resolution Physics in Nearby Galaxies) project, which brings together more than 150 astronomers around the world.

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They estimate that about 60% of all galaxies have a spiral shape. Our solar system is also located in one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. Thus, the data collected by the James Webb Telescope should help scientists understand how spiral galaxies evolve and how their stars form.

More than two years in space

Astronomers used the James Webb near-infrared camera to analyze millions of stars, which can be identified in some images by their shimmering blue color and grouped into clusters. The telescope's resolution also allows it to highlight the glowing dust that surrounds the stars and is enveloped in gas. Also at the end of these dusty peaks, “we can find the youngest and most massive stars in galaxies,” explains Eric Rozolovsky, one of the main members of Phangs, in a press release.

Sent into space at the end of 2021, James Webb is the most powerful telescope ever designed. He's a sought-after hero by scientists around the world, who have to book their observing stages in advance. Regulation is absolutely necessary because this device is not immortal: it must run out of fuel after twenty years.

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