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Students and students prepare themselves

Students and students prepare themselves

With a view to informing students about the various possibilities for pursuing studies in the US, the US Embassy's Education USA, in collaboration with the English-speaking community of Burkina, organized a conference on Saturday, April 6, 2024. In Ouagadougou..

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Many people do not have information on how to start the process of pursuing studies in the United States. Therefore, we decided to organize this big conference on how to study in USA in collaboration with the staff of the Education USA Section of the Embassy of the United States so that people can be informed about the procedures to be followed. They should prepare and pursue their studies better », Henry Bienvenue Nacco, promoter of the English-speaking community, immediately explained.

Henry Bienwenu Nako was a promoter of the English-speaking community

Students and students responded to this call from the English-speaking community. In line with the agenda, they had the methods of study in the US, the fields of choice and the opportunities for these fields.

Monique Liliane Ouédraogo is a Master I student in Languages ​​Used in Tourism and Business at Joseph Ki Zerbo University in Ouagadougou. A keen lover of the English language, he did not fail to attend the conference as he intended to continue his studies in Uncle Sam's country.

I am happy to participate in this conference because the trainers are good because they are the ones from the embassies, they are the ones who take care of it, especially how to apply, if there is a scholarship they know everything, so I tell myself that I am in the right place. “, she argued.

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The English-speaking community of Burkina Faso is a community that brings together embassies, language centers, universities and English clubs. It provides an ideal environment for learning English.

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