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Sports Science: The National Center for Scientific Research leads the game

Sports Science: The National Center for Scientific Research leads the game

Towards new research areas

Healthy exercise : This is one of the words that will be on everyone’s lips on December 6. Many of them are already calling for ” Move the cursor » towards this problem rather than exercise, which is already over-represented, as well as encouraging research into the links between exercise, cancer and obesity, A stable lifestyle, aging, etc. Other cross-cutting themes are emerging, such as the relationship between sport and sustainable development. This is the topic of the thesis of Anne-Sophie Crepeau, currently a doctoral student in Sociology of Sport at the National Center for Scientific Research within the Laboratory of Dynamic Environment and Mountain Regions, dedicated to the adaptation of sports practices of a central mountain nature in the face of climate. It changes. She herself, a former employee of a tourist office in the middle of the mountain, within the Vercors Natural Park, and very oriented towards nature sports, knows how “ The issue of global warming is becoming more and more present “At his old job. By interviewing providers of activities – for example canoeing or caving – you gauge how visible some of them are.” Vanguard and pioneers in their ways Reducing the environmental impact of their practices » In turn, to what extent its research could be of interest to nature parks, service providers and nature sports federations.

“In light of all this emerging new research, Vincent Nogier wants to be optimistic about his vision at the Olympic Games.” A starting point for promoting healthy sports and culture, not only sports, but also daily physical activity “.

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One thing is certain: whether we win medals at the Olympics or not, sports science will continue its marathon.