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Space, the case for "Sovereignty" by Jean-Luc Melenchon - Editorial

Space, the case for “Sovereignty” by Jean-Luc Melenchon – Editorial

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Presidential candidate Melenchon 2022Case

The presidential candidate of rebellious France intends to fight the privatization and militarization of space. But he sees it as a new breeding ground for deterrence, in addition to scientific and industrial activities.

In a cube of giant screens at the Nantes exhibition center, the planet in the background, the candidate La France insoumise, on January 16, the audience bathed in blue light. “Here’s the station [spatiale] International there is a satellite there is the moon. Like a great first painting from his big meeting “immersive”Jean-Luc Melenchon, the only declared candidate for space, brings up the topic in majesty. We fly a priori above the concerns of everyday life, but the rebel seeks to smear the subject with his signs: the assertion of national sovereignty; The principle that space should remain “Public interest”The universe should not belong to anyone. -; Environmental Concern – From there, you can see that“There is only one ecosystem that allows human life” -; object of knowledge “Contributed to great achievements”. Already in 2017, space, with sea and digital, emerged as a favorite subject of painting among the French Desirable common prospects And “Reviving the Taste of the Future”.

Melenchon makes no secret of his fascination with ci…

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