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funny particles. When discovering the science of essential oils becomes a game

The innovative approach of this book on essential oils will appeal to any reader, be it a healer, advanced practitioner or novice, for whom knowledge of molecules is unusual. We know that understanding aromatic molecules is a must for anyone who wants to understand “aromatherapy” and get the most out of these plant extracts. So how do we simplify this learning without having to go through in-depth training? Out of this interrogation was born a new playful style developed by the author of this book, Sonia Blondeau. With this book, you make what is already there more accessible by suggesting an intuitive method that makes it easier to assimilate information that is often difficult. Thus, it gives validated key concepts which can be found in the scientific works on essential oils but are organized differently to bridge the gap between the science of essential oils and their everyday use. In this first volume, (volume 2 in preparation), the author graphically engages with molecules from eight molecular families through anecdotal stories paired with colors and logos that help preserve the aromatic molecules and healing properties of 70 essential oils. If your desire to learn or your curiosity join our passion for essential oils, reading this book on the road to aromatic molecules will undoubtedly tempt you.

Sonia Blondeau

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