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space emission.  What is your favorite landscape you see from the International Space Station?  Louise, 10, asks Thomas Bisquet

space emission. What is your favorite landscape you see from the International Space Station? Louise, 10, asks Thomas Bisquet

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet during his stay on the International Space Station, in November 2016, at his dome observatory. In which today he evokes his favorite landscapes with children in “The Space Show”. (European Space Agency / European Space Agency / NASA)

When he’s not working on experiments or repairing the International Space Station, Thomas Pesquet takes pictures of planet Earth, and scans them from space. The photos they post on social networks. This week in space emissionHe answers children’s questions behind the scenes of these photo sessions, CM2 students from Léonard de Vinci in Massy, ​​who have already seen some of his photos.

“Hello Thomas, this Clara, I am 10 years oldMy question is: When and where do you take pictures from the station? “ Ask the student into the presentation microphone.

The astronaut explains: It’s simple: when you have time. Because the astronaut and his comrades are very busy with their research and repair activities… “Sometimes we are in the right place at the right time” who is allowed to take it “Beautiful scenery”…and sometimes not, he explains. To finish the answer, make it clear that he is taking pictures from the dome, which is “Like a little panoramic window. It’s mainly used to look at the outside of the International Space Station” For example, during outings outside the car. There are also niches in the station, “But not many are looking.”.

Louise, 10 years old, Thomas Pesquet asks about his photographic preferences: What is your favorite landscape that you see on Earth from the International Space Station?

The astronaut answers: “There are a lot of them! But one place that everyone loves and is easy to see and see is the Bahamas.” Their white sands and this blue sea. “It makes shapes like drawings at the bottom of the water that we can see very well from space.” The astronaut is also very fond of Australia, because he sees it full of color, “Purple, black…” But also the desert and the sand dunes that paint the drawings or shine the cities at night.

About’Amin and Liu, 10 years old to take the microphone : “How can you send pictures from space if you don’t have communication?” The first asks, “Normal they have 6G…” completes the second.

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“No, we don’t have a 6GThe astronaut smiles. We don’t even have 3G if you want. We have a connection to send data” But the mission requires, photos aren’t the priority on the International Space Station, the astronaut explains. It’s a satellite connection. To share all this information, photos and videos. “And it’s very slow.”

Finally, this is the question Yasmin, 10 years old, Who saw the astronaut photos: “Hi Thomas, my name is Jasmine and I’m 10 years old. I looked at your pictures, I liked it… Then, that’s my opinion. How can you zoom in so much since space?” asks the student.

“We have a lot of different goals” Especially the so-called telephoto lenses. “It’s not easy to find your target” The astronaut explains, “But with a little practice and the usual”Easier to admit. And then, just take the picture… in one click!

On this page you can listen to this new episode of space emissionAstronaut Thomas Bisquet answers children’s questions about life on the International Space Station. A meeting to listen to every Saturday at 10:44 and 12:50 on radio franceinfo and to find it in the podcast.