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Sophie Grenier wins the grand finale of “La Voix”

Sophie Grenier won the grand finale of season nine of “La Voix” Sunday night. His interpretation of “Let’s talk about love / Since you left” allowed him to collect 42% of the audience vote, which brought his coach Mario Belchat to tears.

“I don’t realize,” she confided in an interview with QMI, seconds after her coronation. “I still feel like the little girl who passed the pre-auditions. I’m out there. It’s a dream for me, because I really want to live from music. Winning ‘La Voix’ And making an album is crazy. I was confident tonight because it was my last live broadcast, I wanted to give it my all, and live in the present moment by sharing moments with guest artists.

a race

After the group opening, the four coaches and finalists gathered, to the song “A toi” by Jo Dassin, the final stage of the competition opened.

For Team Margo, Christopher Therrien picked his final outing on the “La Voix” scene with a resume of Aerosmith’s “I Dont Want To Miss A Thing.” A song he had already chosen since the beginning of his adventure on the show. “It was always right in intent, in emotion, in sound… It was hard. That’s called singing,” commented Mario Belchat. “I’m as cracked as you are,” continued Margo, who has finally resumed his coaching chair. You are in complete control, you belong! “

In a sober but intense interpretation of the classic “Ne me quitte pas” by Jacques Brel, Adam El Mona represents the Marc Dupree team with dignity. “The word that sums up Adam from the start,” Cornell said, “is daring. You took every opportunity to be at that point to try something you’ve never done before. You have great intelligence.” His coach was also grateful to his candidate. What an adventure we had together, we fired Marc Dupree. This season, I met a little boy who was so special and unique, you don’t realize what talent you have.

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Franco-Ontarian Sophie Grenier made an original choice by mixing the English song “Let’s Talk About Love” by Celine Dion, with her French version, “Puisque tu pars,” accompanied by a children’s choir. “From day one until today, you communicate feelings, and we get to know you. You are unique,” ​​Marc Duprée said.

“You made me cry again tonight,” said Mario Pelchat. You are impressive, you are in complete control of your voice. You are strong and have a unique voice. I’m proud of you.”

For Team Corneille, Jay captured “La Vi ti Nèg,” from leading Quebec rap group Muzion, by putting an air of insanity on the stage of “La Voix.”

Margo got up from her chair to congratulate Jay after his performance. Cornell explained: “Guy, your journey has been very brave. As an artist, you never give up. Being here tonight is a great victory for Haiti, a great victory for Quebec.”

Generous guests

Montreal duo Banx & Ranx, backed by Rêve and Preston Bablo, set the mood in the studio with their frenzied title, “Flowers Need Rain,” or the ballad “1 + 1.”

Singer Louanne, finalist of “The Voice” and former coach of “The Voice Kids” in France, performed her song “Secret”, which she wrote for her granddaughter, accompanied by herself on the piano. Josiane, winner of the last edition of “La Voix”, came to join her to perform “If I Was There”, a song she took during her blind audition. A wonderful and impressive number that ended with the arrival of the four finalists.

Louane was added to the Francofolies’ guest list on June 14.

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A beautiful succession

Charles Lafortune took advantage of Josiane’s presence to hug her, something he was unable to do during her coronation, due to health restrictions due to COVID-19. The singer, who has just signed a contract with a French record label, then performed her new single, “Lose It All”, which she released last Friday.

If the queen of Quebec rock is on one of the coaches’ benches, the next generation of female rockers has delivered a tough number. Lou-Adriane Cassidy, revealed to “La Voix” in 2016, opens the number with “I still hope Wait stops somewhere,” followed by electric Ariane Roy with her ballad “Tu want to talk.” Les Shirley’s group rounded out this spirited segment with “It’s About Time”.

France d’Amore made a surprise appearance on the chorus of “J’lâche pas”, a gentle nod to her friend Margaux.

Great visit

After a dynamic number by Jonathan Roy, Jeannette Reno took the stage of “La Voix” to present her new hit single “Plus grand”, accompanied by the four finalists.