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Solar trees to charge electric cars in UK soon

Solar trees to charge electric cars in UK soon

Photo: Solar Botany

In the United Kingdom, metal trees equipped with electricity-generating solar panels can see the light of day in certain car parks and shopping centers. Their goal: to charge electric cars.

Across the Channel, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is growing rapidly. By the end of 2023, the country was more than this 40,000 public charging points. A 37% increase over the previous year ZapMap. The UK has no plans to stop there. Officials believe that 325,000 charging points Required in 2032. “Metal rods are fine.” push In UK car parks.

Solar Botanic Trees presents its biomimetic solar trees

National start-up Solar Botanic Trees has already built a prototype and plans to develop and test a full-scale version before launching commercial production by the end of the year. Some similar solutions already exist. This is ” Surya Bus Stations “, fitted Photovoltaic panels. However, according to Chris Shelley, owner of Solar Botanical Trees, these structures lack aesthetics.

Solar trees have already been showcased as part of the Gardens by the Bay project in Singapore. Others are already established in Dubai. For the founder of the British start-up behind biomimetic solar trees, “ Lack of charging infrastructure is even more prevalent in the UK. It is for this reason that we strive to work hand in hand with suppliers “. Young shooting has already received First order for 200 solar trees From Raw Charging Group, a provider of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Solar trees from Solar Botanic Trees are about 4.5 meters tall and are therefore very easy to install. This product is specifically designed for aesthetics, especially for luxury hotels, shopping centers or corporate headquarters. Have a high-end charging point “. Each tree will be sold in between 20,500 and 27,000 euros. It’s more than just a classic solar panel. Their productivity will be 5 kW.

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called solution Low carbon “, capable of charging a car equipped with a 50 kWh battery from 20% to 80% in 7 hours. A type of charging point suitable for vehicles that are stationary for long periods of time. Another sun tree, small, powerful 3.2kW to emerge. Model suitable for campuses or city centers according to startup.

Each solar botanical tree and solar tree is equipped with an energy storage and electricity management system powered by artificial intelligence. In concrete terms, the organization can Connect multiple trees to create micro-grids The campus can therefore use the excess energy produced in the electricity network.

Finally, a storage system installed in the trunk makes it possible to use excess product for night use. By 2025, the British start-up hopes to be able to produce 1,000 trees per year.

These biomimetic solar trees intrigued me. I was impressed with their design. They are not simply solar panels housed in large metal structures. The creators of the project wanted to go further in the similarity between their metal trees and the trees growing on the ground. For example, leaves can convert solar radiation into electricity when they move with the wind. A great innovation is creating micro-grids to harness the excess energy produced. And then we’re not going to lie to each other, from an aesthetic point of view these solar trees are very futuristic. Can’t wait to see them grow in Europe and France.