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Slavkowski is in the same class as Bedard and Fantelli is at the same level

Slavkowski is in the same class as Bedard and Fantelli is at the same level

No one can criticize Juraj Slavkovski non-stop since he switched to second gear. His development, which stalled slightly at the start of the season, has taken a period of stagnation a step Suddenly, there are more than ten matches already. Slav He's definitely one of the three best players on the Montreal Canadiens since his departure, and that's no small feat.

The big number 20 has collected at least four points in his last five games, which gives a total of 14 points in 37 games. Incidentally, he has just two points (one game in hand) fewer than Jesperi Kotkaniemi, who has collected 12 points in his first 12 games…

The goal of this brief post is not to pour out my bitterness KBut simply to prove to what extent Slav It became a “thing”.

That's not all. To add weight to my statement, No. 20 Flannel ranks in the same family as Connor Bedard and Adam Fantelli in points scored 5-on-5 among players 21 and under.

In this regard, Bedard has seven points, Fantelli has six points, and Slavkovsky also has six points. So it warms up the player's butt Generations Who was drafted No. 3 during the recent amateur auction.

We repeat this at length, but every human being develops at his own pace, just like every young hockey player who is thrown into the lion's den when he is eighteen or nineteen years old. No one learns lessons at the same pace.

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In short then Slav If it continues like this and Kirby Dutch reaches his full potential, they can definitely take over the role of the first “pair” in CH's offense. who knows?

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