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"Skin of Space" a wonderful spoken dance by Yasmine Huguenette -

“Skin of Space” a wonderful spoken dance by Yasmine Huguenette –

At Théâte de Vidy-Lausanne until November 28 as part of the Festival Les Créatives, Vaudois dancer and choreographer Yasmine Huguenet explores the possibilities and secrets of proprioception. Solo dance and talk for a meditation-like experience.

An empty stage and silence disturbed at times by the rumor of the wind. A bay window in this Vidy room opens onto adjacent wood, a great place for branches that sway and lose their leaves. Jasmine Huguenette arrives, a small microphone stuck to her cheek. Here she is, cutting through the air, pointing to space and seemingly battling invisible forces.

All his movements are accompanied by the sound of his voice. Is it the movement that causes the sound or the sound that the movement expresses? Did not matter. Hissing, explosions, hissing, hissing… A whole range of potential sounds from the human mouth give to hear this dance with the atmosphere of ninja yoga.

>> To watch the presentation show: “Skin Space”

Movements become intentions

Soon, Jasmine Huguenette speaks. Much. In a soft voice, his lust captivated the ears. But she never stops dancing. It is his thoughts that we hear. Movements become intentions, reflections, observations, exploration, meditation. It is not a conference on the profession of a dancer, it is in fact a show that gives listening and thinking as much as he sees. As if now, the dancer and the audience united with the same amazement at the infinity of neural mechanisms that allow us to move, act, be active or passive and influence a given space.

With that description, displaying “space skin” might sound mental to you or even quick to reinvent hot water. Yes, the body is moving, and the dancer is dancing. so what ? Everything is not so simple and the latest Vodde choreographer design is a great showcase for this.

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Proprioception, you know? The author of these lines had never even heard of it, yet, just like you, he practices it daily without even realizing it. Lose your depth and you will quickly understand the difficulties you will face in living in society. It is also called the sixth sense.

Dancer and choreographer Yasmine Huguenette. [Anne-Laure Lechat – DR]Proprioception or body perception

Proprioception refers to the perception of the position of the various elements of our body. In short, if we can climb a ladder or take a teaspoon, it is thanks to this innovative combination of muscle receptors and our nerve centers. Animals have it too. And the plants appear, too. Without proprioception, it’s simple: you no longer feel your body.

Relationship with dance? Jasmine Huguenot meticulously explores these subtle connections between space and the body, active or passive movement, conscious and unconsciousness, and the expression of movement and immobility.

“Skin and space” sometimes disturb our view of onlookers. So when Yasmine Hugonnet practices ventral vocalizations while dancing or when she attributes different attraction to parts of her body.

Listen, look, let yourself go on some kind of journey between philosophy, science and poetry. “Skin of Space” sharpens our perceptions of body and movement. This show is not a performance or demonstration. We can live it as a shared experience that is shared directly between the artist and her audience. Rare and wonderful.

Thierry Sartoretti / Ulhur

Jasmine Huguenette, “The Skin of Space”, Creators Festival32 in Vide Lausanne, through November 28.