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Singer of Cameroonian origin Tayc won the prestigious TV competition “Dance with the Stars”

On Friday evening, the final match of this event was held, which was broadcast on the first French TV channel TF1.

Cameroon-born singer Taek wins medal 11NS Season of the televised dance competition “Dancing with the Stars”. Accompanied by her partner Fauve Hautot (whom she won for the third time), she won the final on Friday night against the duo of Bilal Hassani and Jordan Molerac. This is the happy outcome of an eleven-week competition (starting September 17, 2021). “The duo danced all evening with incredible intensity, alternating between wild moments and smooth flights, always in fusion. “You ready for the Paris Opera, how much are tickets? asks François Allu, the first dancer of the establishment, in astonishment. “Through this adventure, Tayc has been able to manage your energy with Fauve,” Chris Marquez welcomes. When he discovers his message, the singer jumps up, screaming for joy, and embraces Fauve Hautot in his arms. In public, his relatives also explode with joy”, we read in the report published last night on the website of the French newspaper Le Parisien. Our colleague adds that Tayc has received video support from his family, Kendji, Soprano, Billy Crawford, or even from actress Shirine Boutella, his partner in The series Christmas flow “Christmas flow”, We read in the report published last night on the website of Le Parisien newspaper.

Taek (real name Julien Boadji) is a singer and songwriter born on May 2, 1996 in Marseille to Cameroonian parents. He is credited with a triple album called Nyxia and two mixtapes and singles. Since 2018, he has been part of the H24 Music team founded by rapper Barack Adama.

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Dancing with the Stars is TV program French produced by BBC Studios France And TF1 production, broadcast on TF1 From February 12, 2011. This is a quote from the show Strictly come dance, broadcast in United kingdom Since May 15, 2004.

Celebrities who make or have made a career in a field other than dance (song, music, cinema, sports, television, fashion show, humor, etc.) are associated with dance professionals, thus creating dance pairs. This dance professional and partner also works as a teacher. After a week of rehearsals during which they must learn one or more choreographies, each of the celebrities perform during a live show (which is broadcast in prime time), accompanied by their dance partner, until they are judged by a jury of professionals in one hand and the audience on the other. On the other hand. Therefore, the duo must learn Different types of dances, designs and shapes.

Each member of the jury rates each couple’s performance on a scale of 1 to 10. Meanwhile, the audience votes throughout the evening by phone, SMS, or on a dedicated website.

At the end of each weekly program, the pair at the end of the standings (average rating of the jury and audience) must compete in a final head-to-head dance, after which the audience votes only to break a tie. Then one of the spouses is permanently eliminated. In the final, the last couple (or three) compete: the fame that won the competition wins a trophy., informs Wikipedia online encyclopedia.