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OD in the West: Amélie and Luca are disappointed not to air part of their story

OD in the West: Amélie and Luca are disappointed not to air part of their story

Unsurprisingly, Amelie and Luca did not get the last tickets that give access to the last flight inOD in the West, this Thursday, November 25, was awarded to Fred and Audrey after deliberations without hostility.

After we’ve been able to watch episodes and get to know each other better in the House of the Excluded, the two interested parties are still together, and have already begun to fully live “after them”. from “.

“I’m going to meet his parents tonight. I met my mom last night. My dad was in Florida so that’s going to be later. Quietly not quickly, we’ll present our world and our lives out of a double occupation »Luca reveals.

“We want to let time pass, and perhaps in the near future, moving in together is a possibility.”Amelie continues.

What clearly caught the eye throughout the season were the long silences and moments of hesitation that littered their exchanges, which ended up becoming muzzle operation Week after week.

The latter also says that they are somewhat disappointed that the production preferred to focus on this rather than on the more dynamic development of their relationship.

We found that part of our history is missing on TV screens. We had good discussions about our values, in life, since our first meeting. This may not have been the content Occupation Double preferred. I think they took advantage of our turbulent and slightly embarrassing moments. […] We were really surprised to see that, actually. But we live well with that.”Emily explains.

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“We understand that viewers have found us flat, in quotes, because there is a piece already missing, and there is a clash between what we lived through, what the candidates said about us, and what they showed on TV.”Luca says.

“Once the reconciliations were made, they began to bring out our complicity even more. But the chemistry was there before the compound ring”Emily adds.

Luca and Amelie especially regret that the declaration of love made by the latter to Luca, during the Last Supper, was not broadcast.

“It was one of the only moments of adventure when I took my courage in my own hands and where I really expressed everything I felt for Luca. It was really a declaration of love. Everyone liked it, because I didn’t express my feelings very much, for example. We were waiting to see this episode.” Maybe we’ll see it in other capsules.”Emily trusts.

They both also agree that developing a relationship for every Quebecer is an unusual context that they also have to adapt to.

“It’s so weird to meet someone in front of the cameras. If I had known Luca from the outside, I guess it wouldn’t have taken us so long to get close to him. It was still something, as human beings, filmed around the clock.” I think my sport also made me more emotional. I learned about myself on the show, I’m better able to open up and talk about my feelings, and let myself go there. »Emily explains.

“He seemed to create a deep embarrassment that I didn’t know existed. The cameras totally took me out of my comfort zone, and I started thinking a lot. We made progress, one on our own, and always maintained good communication, and it paid off”Luca continues.

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Despite being unable to partake in the last voyage, the couple still consider themselves the winners of this adventure, which remains a life experience that few can fully comprehend all of its implications.

“We are still gaining friendships, love and life experiences. We are really winning at this. Glad to be a part of the throwback”Emily points out.

OD’s Grand Finale will air in the West on Sunday, November 28 at 6:30 p.m. on Noovo.