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NFL: Embarrassing Interceptions of the Chiefs

NFL: Embarrassing Interceptions of the Chiefs

In their final game of the preseason schedule, the Kansas City Chiefs gave the Cleveland Browns every chance to beat them, and they committed several troublesome interceptions.

Despite the defending Super Bowl quarterbacks throwing three times into opponent’s hands, the Chiefs won 33-32 and even trailed 22-3 after one quarter.

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You better laugh on the Kansas City side, but Patrick Mahomes’ entrance into the scene in the regular season should be fine. The first pivot to come into the game, Shane Buechele was responsible for two steals. One of his deliveries to the Cornell Bowl even bounced twice before ending up in the hands of a Browns player.

Blaine Gabert took over later in the match, but the score was similar. Left exposed by the defense, wide receiver Matt Bushman completely missed the catch and Caleb Biggers carried the ball into the end zone after the interception.

Gabert recovered himself well with two touchdown passes. Mahomes did not take to the court for the first time in three pre-season meetings.

Later in the day, Aaron Rodgers can make his official debut in a New York Jets uniform when they meet the Giants.

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