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SDBIO proposes improvements to the system to increase the participation rate of women concerned

SDBIO proposes improvements to the system to increase the participation rate of women concerned

Unfortunately, organized cervical screening programs for many years have seen participation rates much lower than those in our European neighbours, with notable disparities in screening use by age and region.

Since the publication of HAS recommendations in 2020 recommending HPV-HR testing in women over 30 years of age for cervical cancer screening, medical biology laboratories play a critical role in women’s access to screening but face administrative barriers that must be quickly removed for patients who may have difficulties accessing care.

It is not normal today to have to turn away eligible patients because they do not have an associated prescription, or have even lost or not received their care voucher.

  • that a coupon sent to patients who have not seen their tests could serve as a prescription;

  • That medical biology laboratories are clearly identified as locations for this testing and that medical biologists are health professionals licensed to perform sampling;

  • Modifying the DOCCU specifications so that medical biology laboratories have access via Amelipro to see the eligibility status (date of last examination) and to be able to reissue, if necessary, the support voucher, which has an extended validity period until the examination is performed.

This system would also make it possible to strategically integrate biologists into the pool of professionals authorized to conduct preventive interviews at key ages of life.

In return, the laboratories pledge to promote their good practices:

  • In the presence of the attending physician and/or gynecologist: sending examination results by secure messaging to the referring doctors indicated by the patients (cytology, HPV, HPV with reflex cytology, etc.);

  • In the absence of a treating physician and/or gynecologist: within the framework of the CPTS or other system of professional cooperation, refer patients to a gynecologist or midwife in case of a finding that requires consultation and appropriate medical load management;

  • Systematically send a copy of the results to the CRCDC.

This request comes within the framework of medical biologists’ desire to benefit from new public health missions. The SDBIO therefore hopes that this request will be heard on developments in favor of improving women’s health.

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