Fête de la Science 2021 / At the Natural History Museum at the Lille Museum of Natural History, October 9, 2021, Lille.

Science Festival 2021 / Museum of Natural History
From Saturday 9 October to Sunday 10 October at the Lille Museum of Natural History
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Fête de la Science, come and meet researchers from the University of Lille on a science journey through the museum. discover the other and nowhere else; Light in the theater species discovery. Measuring sentiment…it will be all current topics to be discovered by putting yourself in the researcher’s shoes during our scientific, fun and educational workshops. On the program October 9-10 at the Museum: “Live My Life as a Scientist” by CIIL – Lille Center for Infection and Immunology “Big Zoom for Emotions: When Practice Becomes Fun!” By SCALab – Cognitive and Affective Science “Light in the Theater: A Catalyst for Emotions!” by CEAC – Center for the Study of Contemporary Arts (Available only to schoolchildren)” Antibeus Resist! “by Infinite – Institute for Translational Research on Inflammation”Discovering the Other and elsewhere” – by Alethila – Literary Analysis and Language History / Erihes – Institute for Historical Research in the North” Types…but what species?”By EEP – Unhealthy Foods for Evolution, Ecology and Paleontology “What If Eating Better Doesn’t Necessarily Rhyme with Diet?” RID-AGE – Risk Factors and Molecular Determinants of Aging-related Diseases – (Available Only for the general public) in collaboration with the University of Lille / Workshops led by researchers from the University of Lille – Science Festival 2021 is a national event that takes place this year from 1 to 11 October Discover the scientific course offered by the University of Lille in the city of Lille: at Relais Nature du Parc de la Deûle in Santis, from 2 to 5 October and at the Lille Museum of Natural History, October 7-10. On this occasion, the museum will be free from October 1 to 11. (A designated time for a school audience is organized at the Museum on October 7 and 8, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Information – Reservations: [[email protected]](mailto: [email protected]) – Find the program here: [https://bit.ly/3jSSW8u](https://bit.ly/3jSSW8u)
Reservations are recommended to enter the museum
From Discoveries to Passions: The Path of Research

Lille Museum of Natural History 23 rue Joslet 59800 Lille Lille Lille Center Nord

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