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School transportation will be modified during the eclipse

School transportation will be modified during the eclipse

In Broome Mississauga and Haute Yamaska, the Val de Service School Service Center (CSS) will adjust the return time from school, notes Audrey Leboeuf, interim communications coordinator.

However, Ms Leboeuf was unable to specify whether this would involve an earlier or later return by school transport. More detailed communications will be sent soon to parents.

One thing is for sure, CSS wants to avoid having students on the bus during the eclipse, which should be in full swing around 3:30 p.m., when you can temporarily or even permanently damage your eyesight by looking directly at the sun without protection.

With this in mind, Val-des-Cerfs has ordered 23,500 pairs of eclipse glasses with solar filters for all students and staff.

Thus, teachers and staff who wish to do so will be able to safely approach this rare event.

It was not possible to know this week whether the CSS des Hautes-Rivières or the Eastern Townships School Board intended to imitate Val-des-Cerfs in schedules. However, the eastern towns also purchased goggles.

Three French-speaking school boards in eastern Ontario made the decision to close their schools on April 8, a decision that has been criticized.

For those who missed it this year, the next total solar eclipse that can be seen in southern Quebec will occur in 2205.

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