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Amazon and Eve also revealed their plans to move to Matter

Amazon and Eve also revealed their plans to move to Matter

The main representatives of the material standard are currently meeting in Amsterdam and revealing their roadmaps leading to the transition to the material.

Amazon: Android in 2022, iOS in 2023

Amazon took advantage of the event to announce it 17 products from the Echo . range (Including Echo Dot Gen 3/4 and 5 with or without watch, Echo Gen3, 4, Echo Studio, Echo Show 5 Gen2, Echo Show 8 Gen2, Echo Show 10, Echo Input, Echo Flex, Echo Plus Gen2), It will be in compliance with the material standard (via Wi-Fi, but not yet via Thread) in December via an update. However, this development will only be available to users of Android devices. It will only support plugs, lights, and switches that are connected. Compatibility with iOS is planned for early 2023., as well as updated eero routers and Thread support as well as Wi-Fi. Amazon is also changing its certification Works with Alexa (WWA) to add support for Matter under requirements (so all new WWA-certified devices will need Matter support). According to Chris DeSenzo, Principal Engineer at Amazon and a member of the CSA (Connection Standards Alliance) board of directors, We provide Matter support to over 100 million devices with 30 Echo and Eero devices. This is an effort unprecedented in its scope and complexity. It’s a big job, and we have to make sure everything goes well.

Eve: Three products compatible with Matter from next month

For her part, Eve announced that The latest versions of the Eve Energy Connected Socket, Eve Door and Window Opening Sensor, and Eve Motion Detector will receive an update in the coming days providing Matter compatibilityand that these three products will be managed via Matter on iOS starting December 12. You will receive other products in the range thus The correct update and new Matter approved products will be released in the first quarter of 2023. According to CEO Jerome Jackel, The new era of the smart home has arrived, and now we can invite users from all major ecosystems to experience Eve. No matter which phone or virtual assistant you control your Eve product, it will always provide unparalleled privacy, a superior suite of software features, and ease of setup.

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