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Sarah Ferguson in America: She’s Crossing the Atlantic for a Good Cause

Sarah Ferguson in America: She’s Crossing the Atlantic for a Good Cause

Sarah Ferguson has her hand on her heart. On Friday, October 27, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife traveled to San Francisco to support a cause that is important to her: the fight against cancer. She attended a charity dinner organized by the V Foundation, calling the event “Dinner with the Duchess”. For this special occasion, Former Duchess of York He had chosen an elegant dress. She wore a long black dress with long sleeves and many twists. Red, yellow, pink, blue, green…

The cause has been very important to Sarah Ferguson since last June. Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice’s mother revealed she has breast cancer She underwent a mastectomy at the King Edward VII Hospital in London. Since then, She devoted herself to her well-being, spent at home in the Royal LodgeShe lives with her ex-husband Prince Andrew, despite splitting almost 30 years ago.

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Sarah Ferguson and breast cancer

Sarah Ferguson’s dream began earlier this yearA routine test initially detected an abnormalityFrom inform our British colleagues Daily Mail. In May, she underwent a mammogram in London, which revealed a “spot” on her breast. Given the size of this area, the option of a lumpectomy was ruled out, and it was strongly recommended that she undergo a monomastectomy to remove the shadow of cancer cells throughout the breast. Although saddened by this news, Mother of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice It was decided to take action as quickly as possible, believed she had “no choice” but to undergo the intervention. Since his operation was successfully crowned, the former brother-in-law of Charles III It has stepped up efforts to support causes related to cancer research and fundraising efforts to fight the disease.

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