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Same.  Natural space by Eric Marchand at SO archery

Same. Natural space by Eric Marchand at SO archery

Eric Marchand, the longtime president of the Séméac Olympique shooting club, died a year ago.

Near the wood of Bartillots and the wood of La Barthe was the opening of the natural area that bears its name.

On this occasion, Stéphane Doriot, the current president of the club said:

Today we are gathered to celebrate the memory of an exceptional man, an exemplary figure who deeply influenced the Séméac shooting club.

We have lost a friend, an indulgent and respected shooting companion, but also a role model of courage and freedom. Therefore, in the name of the club I preside, we pay tribute to him today with pride.

This great athlete, who already had a passion for work and commitment, joined the Semiak club in 2008. There he received shooting bass, which allowed him to develop in this field.

On 1 November 2012, he would take over the presidency of the club until 2020 when he passed away.

With his joy and sense of humor, he revived the image of our club, turning it into good things for children, youth and adults with levels of excellence. It was a great and all-embracing aspiration, the source of many changes, of which we are today heirs, for the sake of their reproduction and their enrichment.

In the meantime, to continue his flair for sport, he will become president of the World Health Organization in August 2017 until November 2020. He will work in the public interest and the common good of all Simiac clubs.

In recognition of such a sincere commitment to sport and especially shooting, I hope, thanks to this commemorative plaque, that this name and the man who bore it will not only remain a bright flame in our memory. People, but a vivid memory in our memory. The hearts of all of us and in the minds of our successors.

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Eric Marchand is gone, his voice and smile missing. But we will continue to honor his memory, and testify to his work and what he was: a loyal friend.”

The inauguration took place in the presence of his wife Bernadette, Mayor Philip Popeye, and several pitchers, bowlers and former club members.