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Sale canceled: Pascal Le Boulanger will remain a family business

Sale canceled: Pascal Le Boulanger will remain a family business

The artisan bakery Pascal Le Boulanger will remain a family business and never will be Sold to Première Moisson, owned by food giant Metro.

Announcing this news via the bakery’s Facebook page on Sunday evening delighted many loyal customers, who said they were happy or even satisfied for many.

Founded in 2012, Pascal Le Boulanger has two branches in the Quebec City area: in Stoneham and in Lac-Beauport. It employs about thirty people.

It actually employed as many as fifty people, which led to “administrative difficulties”, according to its owners, Pascal and Claire Chazal.

The couple, who have been bakers since 1987, left France to settle in Quebec in 2009.


“In recent years, as you know, we have had a shortage of labor that forced us to close on Sundays, which is a shame for a bakery, but we have not been able to order more from our employees. It is in this context that the Première Moisson offer was made,” the Chazal family recalled, in their message to the networks. Social.

“Today, we announce the termination of the procedures that began a few weeks ago with Première Moisson and which would have led to the seizure of our bakery,” Mr. and Mrs. Chazal declared, without going into details of the discussions, without going into details of the discussions. The deal was initially supposed to take place in July.

They are working on a new business model for commerce, but they want to maintain the family and artisanal aspect. Their son Guillaume will also soon intervene by joining the company.

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In the meantime, Stoneham and Lac-Beauport bakeries will be closed for a few weeks.

“But it will come back to you strong with products that will improve even further in quality,” promises the management.

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