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Saint Julian Chapteuil.  The Region supports the Espace Jules-Romains scenography project

Saint Julian Chapteuil. The Region supports the Espace Jules-Romains scenography project

On Tuesday afternoon, First Judge André Ferret received Caroline de Vincenzo, member of the Regional Council of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes in the town hall, accompanied by Alain Bosdescher, President of the Association Espace Jules Romain, and the Board of Directors to evaluate the “heritage and digital” system that benefits the association, which has been It was created on June 14, 2019. The last objective is to support the municipal team in its cultural center project, in the field that belongs to it.

humanitarian tribute

The municipality has launched a cultural center project on the site of the former 8 à Huit (in the immediate vicinity of the city center), which includes a media library, an auditorium, an inter-municipal music school and the Jules Museum. – The Romans: an open area of ​​70 m² at the entrance to the building. This center is part of a larger “third place” or “clustering” project, named in March 2021, with a co-working space on Chaussade Street, and a France Services branch and digital consultant on the ground floor of the Town Hall.

It has been the responsibility of President Alan Bosdescher to review the history of the museum since its inception in 1975, primarily of a conservatory nature, and to introduce the Capitoline Writer (1885-1972). Born in “La Chabuse”, he occupied a great place in literature XXe century but also at the departmental and local level. Hence this desire to present another concept of the museum to the public “to revive a human being who still has much to tell us about our time and our future.”

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Entry is free and business is free.

“The museum will not be divided, the works will be accessible to all, they will be protected and uncensored,” the president commented, and there will be no paid entrance. We can find an interactive space with a screen; video drop loops; sound room with shower where we hear Jules Romains’ voice and interviews with the author or local voices; touch screen with location finds; boxes with computers for various literary courses; The exhibition part and the music part with audio guide will be scalable. The visitor will be able to discover furniture, paintings, posters, certificates, personal items … according to the rejected and chosen themes: the opening theme will be “Jules Romains and Native Country”.

The topo guide is edited with Height d’Homme to follow in the footsteps of Jules Romains with eight proposed routes.

Opening in September

Announcing the end of the cultural center’s work at the end of May and its opening in September. A weekend of inauguration and entertainment is planned for September 9 and 10. The scenography project Espace Jules-Romains was selected by the elected representatives of the Territory and an aid of €38,400 was voted on following the call for “heritage and digital” projects to which the association responded. Other aid is expected by this one: the Ministry, Europe and Foreign Affairs.