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Ryan Johansen in Montreal: A deal presented by a journalist

Ryan Johansen in Montreal: A deal presented by a journalist

98.5 FM journalist Jeremy Velosa says Ryan Johansen would be the ideal candidate for Montreal and the trade.

The Colorado Avalanche are reportedly desperate to get rid of Ryan Johansen, a position that has become unpopular due to his exorbitant $8 million per year salary through 2025.

Despite the fact that only $4 million of that amount is on their payroll (another $4 million impacts the Predartors' payroll), Colorado is intent on easing that financial burden to improve transactions by the deadline.

Faced with this situation, Avalanche leaders are looking for a second goaltender to complete their training.

At the time, Jeremy Velosa put forward the most interesting suggestion: The Montreal Canadiens could be the answer to Colorado's problems.

In fact, according to Velosa, CH general manager Kent Hughes could cushion the Avalanche by taking Johansen and sending Jake Allen to Colorado, accompanied by a draft pick to impress president Joe Sakic and his general manager, Chris McFarland.

Not only would this trade benefit Colorado financially, but it would also allow the Canadiens to end their three-goalie rotation, a situation that makes everyone on the team uncomfortable.

By replacing Allen, whose $3.85 million per year salary through 2025 roughly equals the impact of Johansen's salary, the Canadian would implement a more logical process, meeting the needs of both teams.

For Colorado, getting a backup goaltender like Allen while getting rid of Johansen's burdensome contract would be a godsend.

The Avalanche will then look for a cheaper and more efficient third center than Johansen, while Martin St. Louis may try to revive the man who was once considered an NHL star.

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Additionally, this deal will allow the Montreal Canadiens to bolster their depth at the position, which is a pressing need right now.

Ryan Johansen in Montreal… Jake Allen in Colorado… We have to admit Velosa hit the nail on the head with this suggestion.

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