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Thomas Hurtl is not sure if he wants to stay with the sharks

Thomas Hurtl is not sure if he wants to stay with the sharks

We are starting to think more and more that the Canadian will not match the hostile display of the hurricanes and that Gisbury Kotkanyemi will officially leave the Montreal organization tomorrow.

More and more rumors are that CH will send (at least) the Hurricanes’ first-round pick to Arizona versus Christian Dvorak next.

at the beginning of the week, Yvonne Bidenault suggested that if it was Marc Bergievin, he would try to send Brendan Gallagher to Vancouver for J.T. Miller, a matter of compensating for Danault and Kottkanyemi’s losses..

And behold, yesterday Pedneault joined the dance by associating the name of Thomas Hurtl in turn with the Canadian.

Why Hertel?

Because he’s a 6-foot-2, 215-pound left-back, he earned at least 43 points in 50 games last season. It is possible that Hertel and Boehling will be able to compensate for the losses from Danault and Kottkanyemi.

Because Hertel is a co-pilot with the sharks. #Leader

Because he will play in the last year of his contract (hit the cap $5.625 million) in 2021-22.

But also because his future is increasingly uncertain in San Jose. Even in the short term!

Yesterday, the main interested party mentioned his possible departure from San Jose when he spoke to the Czech media.

Hertel wonders if he wants to stay in San Jose or not. He is tired of losing and wants to play for a club that wins more. He wants to go to the playoffs.

“I wonder if San Jose would like to offer me a new contract and if I would like to stay there. I don’t want to think about it too much, so it doesn’t affect me too negatively. I’ll start the season and we’ll see how it goes. […] He said I had no indication that they wanted me to stay. Nobody ever knows what the bosses think […] Maybe San Jose has a plan and I’m not into it. “- Hertle

Hurtl, who has a no-trading clause allowing him to select only three teams to trade with, expects to start the season with the Sharks.

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Needless to say, Hertl would be highly desirable if it became available (soon, on the transaction deadline Wow next summer).

According to the latest rumours, Hertle is a good friend of Evander Kane and the recent management of ken folder In sharks he won’t be happy at all. He wouldn’t hate letting the sharks go before his contract expires, but they don’t want to trade him for final date According to Kevin Curtis. It will be expensive to acquire, especially if the sharks agree to keep some Multiply salary/maximum.

The Canadian won’t be the only team likely to express an interest in Hertle if he becomes available. a rumor / speculation Sends Kyler Yamamoto and Zach Cassian in San Jose return Thomas Hurtl in Edmonton.

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a lot of

Michael McNavin is not at the top of this list.

– Patrick DeLayl’s hoody replacement for the Canadian is now known.

– Vaccinated journalists will once again have access to players in the locker room, not via Zoom. At least the NHL allows it. Will the Canadian – who plays in Quebec – do what he says?

Daniel Udette and Jordan Weil have scored goals in the KHL.

A large number of Canadian supporters are ready to forgive Logan Mailu.

Last night’s lottery hasn’t hurt Canada so far so far.