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Roguebook Review - Successful Dick Roglet Building Player?

Roguebook Review – Successful Dick Roglet Building Player?

Many indie games take the roguelite route, but for a while slay the spire We are entitled to a derivative that is beginning to gain. It is evident from the too many advertisements of the type lately if you have been following the news. rogue book It is one of them, but it relies on its own peculiarity to stand out: the “tower roof”.

Test conditions: We played about 15 hours on PC via Steam, completed the title and opened the epilogue system. It was determined that this was a beta that was provided by Nacon prior to its release.

A little Faeria game and magic?

With the Abrakam studio, Nacon already had the perfect candidate to design a card game of this genre. The creators of Faeria have already proven that they can deliver a great experience in the field. With rogue bookWe deviate from style to style Heartstone So from roguelite, we also note In the presence of Richard Garfield, the creator of the card game Magic: The Gathering. Which seems to have brought a small touch. In other words, expect to start over a few times until you reach the end without a hitch. However, we remain in the world of Faeria because we find ourselves stuck inside a very old book that contains an evil will. Despite this association with lore FeriaAnd the We still regret the great lack of narration.

We’ve got an old trader telling us quickly what’s to come and that’s it. There are battles to pass the different pages of the book and once you reach the end you are left to start over several times with an epilogue system that allows you to add difficulty. Despite everything, even considering that roguelite is clearly a loop that needs to be done over and over again, rogue book It ends a little too quickly. Allow about ten hours to beat it the first time. Of course, to unlock everything and get to 100%, it will take a lot, but the concern mainly comes from the fact that we quickly move around the content.

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It’s a shame because the title still has arguments, starting with its charming graphic presentation. We find a very good artistic direction soon Feria With beautiful decorations, atypical 2D characters (such as Soroko), a true monster and above all Beautiful illustrations on many cards. Unfortunately, it lacks a bit of excitement with pretty poor visual effects. The animation clearly does not pay tribute to these sublime cards. In terms of music, it goes unnoticed and at least has the advantage of not bothering us in the long run.

duel todayزة

roguebook test 01 2

If we remove the interest in the short adventure, rogue book It has a somewhat addictive structure. Each session begins with a duo selection of heroes knowing that 4 are available in total, each with their own unique cards and skills. And so we find ourselves immersed in blank pages of the book that must be revealed while catching up with the magic brush. The path to the President is revealed only in the preamble, but it is necessary to explore to gain strength. This gives you a limited number of large brush strokes that reveal a patch around you. Knowing that all the environments are randomly generated and cut into several hexagons, it will be necessary to be careful in playing Streamer in order to cover as much ground as possible to reveal maximum secrets.

the cars These pages (or cards) contain many rewards Such as gold, book pages, manuscripts, alchemy workshops (to transform cards), ink and chests allowing you to draw a new card from gold. In short, everything you need to strengthen your surface and help bring color into the environment. Besides, let’s move on to the larger part of the game, which is the card-based gameplay to be activated to defeat all kinds of enemies. Unlike many others where it makes more efficient sense to build a relatively small group to make sure you get the ones you want, rogue book It encourages us to put it together.

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The more we have, the more possibilities we gain. It may seem very messy at first but it works well. Battles are turn based, and cards are roughly divided into those that deal damage and those that grant protection points to withstand the next enemy’s attack. Of course, there are plenty of special effects to spice up the duels. To this we add the synergies that can be put in place for each duo of heroes. We find ourselves very quickly with a lot of cards that we will learn to use to adapt to each situation.

With a good command, this gives really satisfying combinations to apply tactics to playing a lot of cards at the same time or to draw them regularly. There is also a system of gems that can be equipped with cards to give them extra effects. Also, the more cards you have, the more you unlock your skill tree, which boosts the effects of your decks. Thus, we connect parts easily by optimizing the optimization tree by spending pages collected during a part, and by gradually increasing the challenge knowing that heroes gain in EXP after each run. Each level reached gives you access to new cards.