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Rita Baga catches the eye during an amazing photo shoot on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge

Rita Baga catches the eye during an amazing photo shoot on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge

popularity Rita Baja | It has continued to rise since its marked passage to Canada drag race (The competition in which you climbed to the final!) And the Celebrity big brother. While the drag queen will be Quebec On set Everyone is talking about it This Sunday evening, to address among other things Animation on a summer evening Just For Laughs and this is Participate in the new issue Who can sing?I broke the internet this weekend by sharing some glimpses of a failed and unusual photo shoot.

Rita Baja accepted the invitation of the famous photographer Bertrand Exertier To stand in front of the camera, on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge in the middle of the evening. Do we need to tell you that the result is? Priceless?

« The strange actress crosses … the bridge! Nice shoot with Bertrand Exertier on Jacques Cartier Bridge! Queen of Montreal with the beautiful group Dr’Live from the universe Made by POE and Peach crush orange hair. Curated, cut and designed by Martin Alary. Sorry to slow down the traffic », Underlined Rita, nickname Jean-Francois GefremontBy revealing the wonderful pictures.

We are the condoms! We can’t wait to see Rita Baja’s glowing look tonight TLMEP.

behind the scenes

This is also another dream that Jean-Francois Givremont fulfilled by participating in the Sunday Show. ” A year ago, until today, you were told that I am from the first release of Drag Race in Canada! Today, another long-awaited dream has come true: Rita will be TLMEP This sunday! I manage my emotions well, but upon taking the call this week, and for a rare time, tears of joy He said the latter earlier this week.

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Last March, cute drag queen She shared a rare photo with her lover Yanik. Incidentally, earlier this month, she too She responded brilliantly to an anti-gay comment.

Credit: Instagram screenshot from Rita Baja