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Résidence Riviera de Laval Award

Résidence Riviera de Laval Award

The Résidence Riviera de Laval, located on Notre-Dame Street, in Chomedey, has been awarded the Excellence in Care and Service Award, given by the Association of Private Institutions by Convention (AEPC) at its Annual General Meeting on June 8.

This award to this Laval headquarters, owned by Groupe Santé Nadon, highlights the excellence of its approach to defining and improving customer experience in CHSLDs.

The tribute was presented by the Minister Responsible for Seniors, Sonia Belanger, who was present at the event.

Recognized experience

In a press release, Groupe Santé Nadon stated that it has established a reputation as a pioneer in the concept of the future represented by the customer experience.

And so, on May 24, as part of the Senior Well-Being Symposium, organized by Point en Santé, Lucie Gagnon, Director of Quality at CHSLD de Laval and Résidence Riviera, was invited to present a workshop on this process for defining and improving the client experience in CHSLDs.

More than a hundred major players in the field of geriatric health participated with great interest.

“At the core of our day-to-day business, our global approach allows for a pleasant and stimulating living environment for our residents as well as for their families and employees,” emphasized Jean Nadon, co-owner of Groupe Santé Nadon.

Client Experience: The Future in CHSLDs

By introducing Bill 15, the Minister for Health and Social Services, Christian Dube, wants to improve access to services, return to local administration and offer citizens a high-quality “customer experience”.

With this in mind, Groupe Santé Nadon is offering its full cooperation to the government in developing this approach in CHSLDs.

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Jean Nadon concluded, “I would like to congratulate and thank all of our employees who invest every day in making the experience of residents and their families unique and memorable.” (BL)