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Relatives of “Bojo” denounced a conspiracy at the Partigate trial

Sue Gray has written a report detailing the parties held in Downing Street during the lockdown. Steve Back/Getty Images

Sue Gray, the senior civil servant in charge of the corruption inquiry, held secret talks with the opposition.

Correspondent in London

The affair seems like a scandal within a scandal. Senior civil servant Sue Gray, who led the “Particate” inquiry, is said to have had secret talks with the Labor opposition boss. Many conservatives, including those close to Johnson, have been swept away by the storm, crying conspiracy.

These links between Sue Gray and the opposition were the subject of a due diligence report after the civil servant left the administration to join Labour. Last March, his boss, Keir Starmer, offered him the chance to become his chief of staff, a key post for the next election campaign.

Previously unknown to the public and known for her honesty, the 60-year-old came into the limelight last year when she gave her scathing account of the Downing Street party scandal.

Sue Gray is then responsible for ethics…

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